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Saas solution to measure the attractiveness of your products

Unravel the complexity of customer emotions to market targeted products.

We combine our research in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence to measure the attractiveness of your products and help you optimize your R&D, marketing and customer service strategies.

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Offer your costumers a unique experience to measure the appeal of your products and services.

Evaluate the impact of your offers through immersive digital simulations using our avatars. Let consumers immerse themselves in a controlled environment, where they can express their emotions and opinions, all in real time and from the comfort of their own home.


Measurements. Data. Analysis. Anticipation. Gain essential insights into your products and services.

Convert data on consumer opinions and emotions into concrete results with our reporting and research dashboard tools. Create a best-in-class consumer experience with advanced analytics and improve your ROI.

vision R&D and MARKETING

Put your targets at the heart of your product strategies with our digital simulations that offer unique experiences and predictive impact for your products.

Optimize your resources by marketing more targeted products. Thanks to product evaluation and analysis of study results, you have access to the predictive impact of your products.

Changez la façon dont vous développez des produits

Découvrez nos technologies d’Intelligence Artificielle et Neurosciences pour développer, améliorer, lancer des produits et/ou services populaires.

Misez sur l’impact émotionnel pour répondre aux vraies attentes de vos consommateurs.