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Benefits of our technology

We combine our research in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligenceto measure the attractiveness of your products and help youoptimize your R&D, marketing and customer servicestrategy.
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Proprietary technology


Emotional and predictive impact


Objective analyses


Data security


Proprietary technologies, multiple benefits

Revealing emotions

Our technology reveals costumers' real emotions, enabling a deeper understanding of how products and services are perceived.

Purchase intent

By understanding emotions, we can predict consumer purchase intent, helping companies to adjust their R&D and marketing strategies.


Measuring the desirability of a product or service is essential for the development of innovative products. Thanks to consumer feedback and analyses performed with our AI, we can predict a product's desirability and emotional impact.


Understanding how consumers feel about a product has a direct impact on retention, and enables you to assess whether your product meets consumer expectations over the long term.

Predictive impact

Our data provides predictive information that helps to anticipate market reaction, whether in the design or launch phase, or for a product already on the market that we want to improve.

Offer your customers a unique experience.

Evaluate the impact of your offers through immersive digital simulations using our avatars. Let consumers immerse themselves in a controlled environment, where they can express their emotions and opinions, all in real time and from the comfort of their own home.

Gain essential insights into your products and services.

Convert data on consumer opinions and emotions into concrete results with our reporting and research dashboard tools. Create a best-in-class consumer experience with advanced analytics and improve your ROI.

Put your targets at the heart of your product strategies

Optimize your resources by marketing more targeted products. Thanks to product evaluation and analysis of study results, you have access to the predictive impact of your products.

Benefits of our technologies by sector

  • Understand customer expectations and optimize costs: by identifying customers' emotions when interacting with luxury products, you can adjust your offer to meet their expectations and propose more targeted products.
  • Improve personalization: emotional analysis enables you to personalize the customer experience according to their emotional reactions.
  • Evaluate the predictive impact of campaigns: measure the emotional impact of your advertising campaigns to create more effective strategies.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction: Measure customer satisfaction with skin care or make-up products, and adapt your formulations accordingly. You can also evaluate the quality of your services.
  • Objective product testing: Evaluate consumers' emotional perceptions when testing new or existing products.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns: Identify the emotions aroused by cosmetics advertisements to improve their impact.
  • Assessing clothing desirability: Understand the emotions associated with clothing and accessories to improve their desirability and emotional impact.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns: Identify the elements of advertising campaigns that elicit positive, negative or neutral emotional responses.
  • Adapt to changing trends: Stay in tune with consumers' emotions and reactions to the latest trends.
  • Evaluating costumer trust: Measure consumer confidence in drugs and pharmaceutical products through emotional and predictive impact.
  • OCost optimization: Extended development cycles and costs for pharmaceutical products pose challenges for keeping pace with changing consumer needs.
  • Improved communications and reputation management: Create communications that build empathy and trust. Monitor the emotional impact of safety issues and react quickly.
  • Customer experience assessment: Understand travelers' emotions throughout their trip, from booking to on-site experience.
  • Optimize travel offers: Personalize travel offers based on customer emotions.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Identify areas for improvement to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Content analysis: assess the emotional impact of your creative content and act accordingly.
  • Advertising optimization: Create ads that elicit positive, negative or neutral emotional responses.
  • Improved engagement: Maximize viewer and reader engagement by understanding their emotions.
  • UI and UX optimization: Create user experiences that elicit positive emotional responses and eliminate irritants.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement: Measure user satisfaction with improved technology products and services.