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Capture attention and eliminate pain points

Eye Tracking enables you to decipher what spontaneously captures the costumer's attention. On the one hand, eye points of interest exert a considerable influence on the decision-making process, while on the other they are the main points of access to information.

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Comprehensive analyses to break down every decision-making mechanism


Visual behavior


Measure visual effectiveness


Capture pain points


Détectez le parcours oculaire de vos consommateurs et améliorez vos produits

Detect your costumers' eye pathways and improve your products

When we look at an image, the eye captures it and transforms it into nervous messages, which are transmitted to the brain. The brain interprets the information received, identifies which are the priorities and instructs the eyes to move and fixate on specific points to obtain new data and continue the visual exploration.

Understand. Measure. Spot pain points.
Les bénéfices de l’eye tracking

The benefits of eye tracking

  • It enhances the customer experience by highlighting the priority information sought by the consumer.
  • It enhances marketing strategy by highlighting the essential elements of corporate communication.
  • In concrete terms, this technology makes it possible to trace the visual path followed and measure the fixation time of each visual element.
No longer accept simple (declarative) opinions to guide the design of your digital content.

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