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Regain control over sales failures with costumer insights

  • Identify the reasons for the commercial failure of your products and act accordingly, thanks to research and predictive impact.
  • Transform feedback into opportunities for improvement
  • Identify areas with high innovation potential
  • Stay competitive and optimize your costs
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Stay one step ahead of the competition
Analyze and improve products already on the market

What is post market analysis ?

The term "post-market analysis" refers to the evaluation, analysis and monitoring of a product after it has been launched on the market. This analysis is carried out to assess how the product performs once it is in circulation and in use by consumers. The aim is to identify any potential problems, gather customer feedback and determine any necessary improvements.

Simplify the post-market analysis process


We put our AI and neuroscience technology at your disposal to collect, analyze and act on customer feedback on your products already on the market.

  • Automatic collection of customer feedback following digital simulations
  • Intelligent data analysis to identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement
  • Presentation of the predictive impact of improvements made
  • Consolidated, customizable dashboards and detailed reporting

When a product is a commercial failure after its market launch, post-market analysis is essential to understand the nature of the problems and the underlying reasons. We offer a detailed analysis to help you decide what corrective measures to take, such as product updates or recalls.

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