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Measure product attractiveness

We combine our research in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence to measure the attractiveness of your products and help you optimize your R&D, marketing and customer service strategies.

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Secure your exclusive market position

Luxury companies face a distinct set of challenges when studying the customer experiences used to evaluate their products, such as :

  • The highly subjective collection of customer feedback (historically declarative)
  • The imperative of maintaining a prestigious brand image
  • The need to meet high customer expectations
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Unique products and services, happy customers

The subjectivity of traditional declarative questionnaire evaluations complicates the creation of experiences and products that appeal to consumers.

  • Use the technological advances of our AI to analyze customer feedback, emotions and purchase intent...
  • Develop products and experiences in line with consumer expectations
  • Stay ahead of the competition
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Stay on top of trends

  • Analyze consumer feedback on in-store and online experiences
  • Optimize product development costs and stay on top of trends
  • Respond with agility to design and launch challenges
  • Rely on emotion analysis and predictive impact for a differentiating strategy
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Reduce development cycles and costs

  • Study consumer behavior and emotions to avoid marketing failures and high costs
  • Test communication campaigns before launch
  • Maintain a strong brand presence
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Take into account diverse and contrasting preferences

  • Stand out in a competitive market with a unique brand experience and predictive analytics
  • Improve every step of your service for your customers
  • Control irritating events with review analysis and the emotional impact of your offer
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Understand your impact on consumer performance

  • Test your content, products and services with your targets
  • Measure, analyze and anticipate trends and behaviors
  • Use predictive impact to identify key factors for improvement
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Develop tomorrow's products

The rapid pace of technological advances means that products can quickly become obsolete, requiring continuous innovation.

  • Test your interfaces and optimize the user experience (UI/UX))
  • Put the user at the heart of your design projects
  • Understand the emotions generated by your products to act on irritants
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