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Analyze the emotions generated by your products

Drawing on cutting-edge research in speech representation, speaker recognition, natural language processing and, of course, psychology, we have created machine learning models to determine the emotions your products evoke through voice analysis and hybrid measurements. From linguistic and acoustic signals, we can determine what is said (linguistic) and how it is said (acoustic).

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Les signaux linguistiques - qu’est-ce qui est dit ?

Linguistic cues - what is being said?

These are essentially the words and phrases used by the speaker in the audio recording. These words are fed into an automatic speech recognition (ASR) layer. This technology is designed to convert spoken language into written text. This is an essential element, as it enables us to analyze spoken words by examining language usage and context in detail. Our AI models then analyze a wide range of attributes such as word choice, sentence complexity, use of active or passive voice, presence of specific terminology or expressions, and even the context inferred from the speech. By analyzing these elements, we can establish correlations between linguistic patterns and emotional reactions to your products and services.

Les signaux acoustiques - comment cela est dit ?

Acoustic signals - how is it said?

If what's said is important, how it's said is just as important. The way your consumers speak - tone, pitch, volume and speed - provides a wealth of information that enables us to determine the emotions your product evokes. We extract vocal biomarkers from the audio. These biomarkers are characteristics of the speaker's voice that have been scientifically validated to be associated with specific emotions or combinations of emotions. For example, the rate at which a person speaks, the range of their vocal pitch, their rate of speech and even their momentary pauses can reveal revealing information about their feelings.

Voice analysis, combined with analysis of other modalities such as facial expressions and eye tracking, enables us to observe the emotions generated by your product, and ultimately to determine desirability and purchase intentions.

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