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Emotion meets technology to revolutionize the way we understand consumers. Our innovative SaaS platform is designed to measure consumer emotions through engaging digital simulations. Combining interactive virtual avatars, targeted questions and products to test, we offer invaluable insight into consumer emotions and behavior.


How does it work ?

Virtual avatars

The basis of our technology is virtual avatars adapted to your branding. These avatars are designed to simulate realistic human interactions in multiple languages, enabling total consumer immersion in the test environment. They create a comfortable environment where consumers can express themselves freely.

Digital simulations

Consumers are invited to take part in digital simulations, which can include question scenarios and/or product tests. These simulations are carefully designed to reflect real-life situations, helping consumers to interact naturally with the products and services being tested.

Multi modal data collection

During digital simulations, we collect multi-modal data, including:
- Voice: we analyze nuances and variations in consumers' voices, revealing subtle clues about their emotions.
- Facial expressions: thanks to the camera, we detect facial expressions, including smiles, frowns and other emotional signals.
- Eye tracking: we follow eye movements to understand what consumers are interested in.
- Implicit: we measure the implicit responses that emerge naturally during interactions (what we don't see).
- Explicit: we also collect explicit data from responses to questions put to consumers (what the consumer says).
Combining all this data gives us reliable, objective measurements, as well as covering a very broad field of analysis.

Emotional analysis

Once the data has been collected automatically by our AI, we use sophisticated analysis algorithms to determine consumers' emotions. We examine the collected data signals and interpret them to identify emotions such as joy, surprise, frustration or disappointment, and make connections with each of them.

Detailed dashboards and report

To enable practical use of our emotion data, with our Saas solution you'll have access to intuitive dashboards and detailed reports. Our dashboards are designed to offer a clear, concise overview of results, while our detailed reports dive deeper into the data for a more in-depth understanding.
Dashboards let you track consumer emotions in real time and visualize emotional trends. You can customize these dashboards to meet your specific needs, focusing on the emotions most relevant to your sector.
Our detailed reports provide in-depth information, including emotion analysis by consumer segment, product comparisons, recommendations for improvement and much more. These reports help you make informed decisions and develop more effective marketing and product strategies.

Our partners and clients

Stay innovative and adaptable in response to market developments. Our AI and Neuroscience technologies, through digital simulations with our avatars and multimodal analyses (voice, facial expressions, eye tracking, implicit and explicit), enable you to analyze the emotions generated by your products and act accordingly thanks to predictive impact.